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Location data
Mobile Data
DataZn is a global leader in location and mobile data, providing worldwide coverage and actionable insights. With a comprehensive database of mobile devices and locations, DataZn empowers businesses to optimize their strategies and drive growth.
Global Sourcing
2Billion Location Signals


B2B Data
Mobile Data
Unlock the potential of educational data with SchoolHack, an AI-powered platform that collects and analyzes a vast array of student queries. This rich dataset is invaluable for machine learning applications, algorithm development, and educational insights.
500M Records
800,000 Daily Queries


B2B Data
Consumer Data
Unlock market intelligence with TAMI's AI-driven platform. Access 120M+ B2B companies, 400M+ contacts, real-time data refresh, and insights. Trusted by top firms for actionable insights. Boost conversions & growth!
Real-Time Sourcing
400M + Records


Financial data
Consumer Data
Triple offers a transaction enrichment platform with services like fraud detection, transaction enrichment, categorization, and carbon footprint calculation. It automates payment enrichment, provides accurate data, and offers flexible rewards programs.
90% Worldwide Coverage
1Bn+ Transactions Enriched

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