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"Mark you got a sec?"

your direct report says as he peeps into your office.

End of Quarter is coming up and you know your team isn't making it.

"Yes of course." You respond with no other choice.

"I think you know what I'll say...

Your cold-calling team isn't cutting again Mark 

Second quarter in a row..."

The CEO says with the outbound stats pulled up.

"If it weren't for John who's somehow pulling the weight of the three other reps I'd be fired by this point" you think to yourself.

"I'll see what I can do"

"You better...

Because if this keeps up next quarter, we'll have to discuss something else..."

He stares you down.

"I understa..."

Before you manage to get the word out, the door slams shut...

I've trained them well, they got the personality and the character traits.

Something must be off.

You decide to sleep on it and do what every smart sales leader does..

Go back to the basics.

As you show up to the office the next day, you decide to show the team how it's done.

You pick up the phone and start dialling...

10 dials.. Nothing..

20 dials.. Nothing..

50 dials in, Nothing..

And just as you're about to give up for the day, you call the 51st number.

"Okay this one is it" You think to yourself!

"Who's this?"

Bulls Eye!

"Hey John, this is just Mark, Calling from DataZn"

"Not interested, please don't call me again"

*Hangs up*

1 Hour later, you're on your 100th dial with six "conversations" under your belt.

Then 150, then 200.

12 conversations in 3 hours.

2 engaged leads who asked you to send some more info
(We all know what that means)

And 1 meeting booked.

It all makes sense now...

"I could train my team all I want, but it doesn't matter.. We can't get through to the right people." Is your first thought.

6% Pick-Up Rate is ridiculous.

Surely it's not as low for other companies?

But let me tell you.

It is...

The average rep makes 52 dials per day.

Put it together with a horrible 6% connect rate and what do you get?

2 Conversations.

If the rep is good he may pull a meeting off. And that's if he's lucky.

You can't scale a business this way.

The costs of running an outbound team, the costs of software, the costs of bad data start adding up quickly.

And before you know it, you're not profitable and your job is on the line.

Not only that...

If the reps don't speak with as many prospects, they won't get better.

The ramp-time increases and yet again, your team doesn't perform to the expectations of leadership.

And guess who will held at gun-point?


"It's your responsibility.."

"Take care of this.." 

"Why aren't your reps booking more meetings?"

"Just dial more.."

Everything under the sun except addressing the real problem.

The real constraint.

The fact that your team is not speaking to enough people.

If they are not speaking to enough people, they don't book enough meetings.

If they don't book enough meetings, the business doesn't generate revenue and you get blamed.

But It all starts at the top.

Now what if there was a solution? 

What if out of every 50 dials you make, you could speak to 8 people on a bad day and 15 people on a good day?

What if out of every 50 dials you make, you could confidently and repeatedly book
1-2 meetings with your ideal clients?

Companies like Gong, SAP, and PayPal have already figured out that they can get double to triple the output for the same amount of input.

While you are scavenging for conversations, their sales teams print money.

And how do they do it?

Through ConnectBoost.

Our proprietary service that uses technology and brute-force to manually dial, verify and bucket leads into categories that are relevant to you.

In other words we will literally tell you who, from your list of prospects, will actually pick up the phone.

No more reps wasting time leaving countless voice-messages, spending hours on the ringer and losing motivation.

No more missing quota because of not enough conversations.

No more fear of being fired.

The next quarterly review will be different.

And your boss is right.

You will have to speak with him about "something different."

Except this time what you'll hear is: "You've pulled your weight Mark."

And you will stand in confidence, knowing that you did.

You pulled the weight for the leadership, and you pulled the weight for the team.

So if you no longer want to have your team waste time building lists, waiting for pick-ups and instead rip through conversations with decision-makers that actually pick up the phone...

Then all you have to do is fill out the form below and our team will send you a free sample for a list of contacts of your choice.

That way you can see the 3x in pick-up rates for yourself.


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Try ConnectBoost

How does ConnectBoost Work?

Step 1:  You Send us a list of prospects you'd like to talk to

Your team provides us with a list of prospects or criteria of people that you want to speak to.
Step 2: DataZn team Manually Verifies and Segments the list

We have our team of researchers go through our battle-tested process to call and verify all of the phone numbers for the list and bucket them into different engagement categories. Showing you exactly who is likely to pick up the phone.
Ste 3: You get a list of Segmented Leads with verified Phone Numbers.

We return the enriched and segmented list to you within 48 hours for your sales team to attack and prospect into.
Step 4: Your Connect-Rates Skyrocket

Your team spends time calling leads that will actually pick up the phone and engage in conversations.

Regular Sales Rep



Who is ConnectBoost For?

ConnectBoosted Sales Rep

Companies who actively Cold Call

Let's be realistic, the phone is the only channel where you can talk to your customers in real-time and get instant feedback.

If your team is using the phone to generate leads, then ConnectBoost is perfect for you.
Companies struggling with booking meetings

If your company is struggling to book meetings, even though you have the right messaging and great offer, then the problem is likely the lack of volume in your conversations.

ConnectBoost will help you get your foot in the door with the decision makers of the right accounts.
Companies with 3+ people in the BD Department

If your sales department is expanding and you have figured out a system that works, you need to scale.

Scaling involves having reps focusing on the one thing that matters... Selling.

By getting good data of people that actually engage using the phone, your rep talk-time will increase, they will get better faster and become machines that book consistent meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you also help us build a starting List of Leads?

If a client requests it, we can also source lead lists from start to finish. We use our MatchICP platform to build Lookalike lists of your best customers and enrich them with ConnectBoost to cut down research time by at least 5x.

How long will it take me to get my ConnectBoosted List? 

Your list will be delivered 24-72 hours after you place your order. We recommend every user to try our data first.

How does the pricing work?

We have a volume-based pricing model with the costs dropping as the volume increases.

Once you test ConnectBoost and believe it's a fit for your company, you can request a list size of your choice and receive a quote from our team.

Is ConnectBoost GDPR Compliant

Yes! Our data comes from GDPR compliant public sources. Which is of course especially important in the European + APAC regions.

How will ConnectBoost impact my reps?

In the best way possible. ConnectBoost Data will allow your sales reps to have 2-3x more conversations than they were previously, which not only will boost their morale, but help them continuously improve by speaking to more decision makers.

Do we need a dialer to use ConnectBoost Leads

You do not need a dialer. Any phone with a plan will allow you to contact leads and find opportunities that you never have before.


If your team wants to test out ConnectBoost entirely for free, then just click on the button below.

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